Mr Rajagopalan is the Honorary President of Keele Surgical Society for two years after Prof Kirby. With his continued support and encouragement, KSS has been guided during these years with his continued dedication.

Honorary President

Mr S. Rajogopalan


Hi I’m Shahjahan and I am the Chair of Keele Surgical Society. My aim this year is to make the KSS as open and accessible as possible, breaking down barriers that exist in surgical training. I want to continue to emphasise the nurturing environment of the KSS, a space where we can grow alongside our colleagues in the pursuit of surgical knowledge and understanding. 

Through our regular events both local  and national events I hope that the KSS can continue to support and further inspire its members to achieve their goals.

I have a keen interest in orthopaedic and plastic surgery and aim to increase teaching and opportunities in this field. In my spare time I enjoy art, photography and illustrating using a variety of media. 

I would love to hear your feedback and ideas to improve the society and I am looking forward to the year ahead! 


Shahjahan Aslam


As a fourth year Medical Student and KSS Vice-Chair, I have developed my interest in Surgery in the past three years, mainly through the inspiration events held by KSS and the mentoring they provide. I co-lead the inaugural 'Women in Surgery Symposium, with distinguished guest Prof Averil Mansfield last year. My goal this year is to partake in the societies' vision and contribute to its further progression. With a special interest in the Paediatrics and Global Health, I have advocated the importance of issues with my past experience in leading a conference in 'Global Health Challenges' as President of Medecins sans Frontieres. With this outlook on the society, my aim is to promote and raise awareness of the Global Surgery Crisis, in collaboration with four other similar-minded societies to showcase the essence of Global Surgery with a pilot event aimed at widening and encouraging the Global Health network at Keele and beyond. 

Shrewsbury Vice- President

Sunna Ali 


Since the very beginning of my own medical school experience, I have been fortunate to be involved in KSS’s growth into one of the most successful and inclusive academic societies. My main highlight has been implementing and leading our inaugural Women in Surgery Symposium, which aims to expand the WiS network and break down existing barriers. My personal interests are between general surgery and plastics. This year as Vice Chair, my goal is to build on accomplishments from previous years but also to broaden the variety and initiatives hosted by KSS. The past year has been our most successful to date and I feel lucky to work alongside such a great group of people who have made this possible with their hard work and dedication.

Stoke Vice President

Vicky Chatzipavli


I’m Scott Bates and I am the current acting secretary for the Keele Surgical Society. This is my second year with the society and I aim to continue aiding with the society's great success. I am intercalating in anatomical sciences and so am looking forward to teaching many of the pre-clinical students this year. 


This year I am co-leading the Keele National Orthoplastics Workshop which we hope will be a valuable learning resource and will go on to inspire you into becoming Orthopaedic or Plastic Surgeons.


I want to pursue a career in Orthopaedics due to the fantastic hands on problem solving that is Orthopaedic Surgery. 


Scott Bates 


I'm a fifth year and treasure of KSS. Very interested in Surgery and Research. I'm looking forward to this year as there are lot's of exciting events I'll be helping to run. 


Kane Treadwell



Media Officer

Mahfam Rabiei


Hey up, my name is Charlie and I am the Anatomy Representative for Keele Surgical Society (KSS). just thought I’d tell you a bit about me self and my interests. First of all and most importantly I am a super proud Yorkshireman. It may p**s it down there 24/7 365 days of the year but nowt can beat Yorkshire air, water and the bloody lovely views. Never mind the tea! Having finished 4th year I am now intercalating in anatomical sciences at Keele which is great as I am able to use this year to really develop the anatomy side of KSS. Besides studies I am a massive cyclist enthusiast. So if you don’t find me in the Keele Dissection suit or doing a teaching session, I will most likely be out on my bike or training in my garage imagining I'm in the next Tour de France.

Anatomy Teaching Lead 

Charlie Horner



Year 5 Shrewsbury Representative

Ben Walters

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 15.06.59.png

As the Shrewsbury Representative for KSS, my role is to ensure fourth and fifth years at Shrewsbury campus have access to surgical opportunities. I will be organising doctor-led suturing sessions so those interested in surgery can enhance their surgical skills prior to clinical practice. As an advocate for Women in Surgery, I will also be co-leading several events throughout the year to encourage and empower women to enter into a career in surgery. As someone who loves creating art, I believe surgery to be the perfect way for me to combine my creativity and scientific knowledge. My own interest lies in Neurosurgery and I’m looking forward to incorporating this into future KSS events!

Year 4 Shrewsbury Representative

Daisy Evans


I'm a 4th year medical student who's always been interested in surgery. I enjoy the practical aspect of surgery and the immediate outcomes (in most cases). This year as 4th year rep, I'll be leading some suturing events as well as holding a paediatric surgical evening, a speciality that we don't get much exposure of at UHNM! 

Outside of university, I enjoy doing medical research. I won the Conrad Lewin prize in 2016 for my research on the medial orbital wall. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing football and I'm a F1 fanatic! I'm a Dad to a beautiful daughter and I enjoy driving, and have a special interest in cars.

I am happy to be approached anytime and if you ever have any questions/queries, don't hesitate to contact me!

Year 4 Representative

Mohammed Sharif


My name’s Taran and I’m one of the third-year rep’s for KSS. My surgical curiosity stems from a love of anatomy, with a particular interest in the musculoskeletal system. This year I am leading the Keele National Head and Neck Day, which promises to be a great event, and something new to the society. I'll also be helping run the Career's Roadshow and one of our Case Presentation Evenings. The committee this year seem extremely dedicated and passionate regarding all the events we are organising, and I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people.

Year 3 Representative

Taran Chaudhuri


Hi, my name is Amber and I am one of the third-year representatives for Keele Surgical Society. As a third-year medical student, I have developed a keen interest into surgery due in part to the inspiring events that the surgical society has held for the last two years. I believe that these events not only provided opportunities to learn and experience the knowledge and skills needed in surgery but also brought together like-minded individuals of all ages and abilities to help and gain knowledge from each other. 

Following these events I decided to apply for a position on the committee to join the team who are organising these events to inspire the next generation of surgeons. This year I hope to improve the events that have been organised for the past couple of years such as the suturing evenings and the Case Presentation evening. Following our first meeting I can see that all committee members are keen to make this year’s surgical society the best it has ever been.

Working together with the committee and the students in my role as third-year representative of the Surgical Society, I endeavour to continue the work of the previous committee and aim to provide new opportunities for students to experience the amazing world of surgery.

Year 3 Representative

Amber Ahmed-Issap



Year 2 Representative

Madalina Pasca


As a previously first year and now second year representative of the Keele surgical
society, I find myself incredibly grateful for being involved with KSS and the opportunities
I’ve had through them. They’ve allowed me to discover so much about the field of surgery
as well as meet some amazing surgeons and like-minded students through a variety of
events. All of these has been incredibly inspiring!
My interest in surgery sparked from my experiences of studying anatomy and
working with cadavers. Also, through reading books about surgery (my favourite being
“Fragile Lives” by Professor Stephen Westaby), I’ve become ever excited about discovering
the field of surgery.
As passionate and excited as I am to learn more about surgery each day, I find great
delight in being able to do so alongside others with the same interest. The society has
always made me feel welcome and given me great opportunities to grow and better enrich
my experiences of surgery and align my aspirations towards a career in surgery.

Year 2 Representative

Jabran Yousaf

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 15.06.59.png


Year 1 Representative


Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 15.06.59.png


Year 1 Representative