Keele Surgical Society is one of the largest medical societies within Keele University. KSS was founded in 2007 by Professor Robert Kirby, Consultant Breast Surgeon, as a forum to support and encourage students interested in a career in Surgery. The society represents surgeons of the future, cultivating networking opportunities with events and enhancing skills with teaching and mentorships. 














Keele Surgical Society was formed in 2007 to help develop the links between different surgical specialties and interested medical students. In 2013, a mentorship was introduced whereby senior medical students with clinical experience would help future junior medical students with their portfolios. Rob Slade, Chair of Surgical Society at the time, introduced the 'Introduction to Surgery' -  a tour of the surgical wards and scrubbing procedure. Students found that these introductory events made their surgical rotations 'a lot less daunting' and helped them 'gain a better understanding about surgical etiquette'.  

By 2015, the society started to rapidly expand and grow from its foundations. This year marked the first Career Roadshow in partnership with Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd). Additionally, the Case Presentation Evening was initiated, now a staple KSS annual event. Lastly, regular suturing teaching was introduced to encourage the development of students into surgeons. KSS now has over 500 members that are currently in Keele or Keele graduates who are starting their Surgical Training Pathways.


Initially founded by Honorary President Professor Kirby in 2007, he provided time and support to the society by providing inspirational talks and appearing as a regular judge for the case presentation evening. Prof Kirby has mentored many students and continues to support the society. Mr Rajagopalan became the next Honorary President who acts as a Support Lead to all events and mentors students who are interested in a career in Surgery.


Chairing the Society in previous years and paving the change and progression to what the society is today, were:

2013: Rob Slade

2014: Cara Jenvey 

2015: Brendan Barry 

2016: Owain Thomas

2017: Emma Howard

2018: Dave Manson

2019: Shahjahan Aslam




© 2019/20 Keele Surgical Society. Est by Sunna Ali, KSS Vice-President 

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